Ala Carte Services (partial list)

Design Services: 
We coordinate with our designer to achieve the overall branding you desire.
This can include a new logo, menu design, signage, and etc.  You will be provided numerous options until you are completely satisfied.  Price varies. 

Management Company:

We are available to provide complete management services for restaurants and night clubs.
  This can be as comprehensive as desired by the restaurant ownership. These contracts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Our pricing module includes a strong incentive for increased profitability.  Likely you can have us take over management of your facility without realizing any additional net expense.  Price varies. 

Menu Re-Engineering:

On a copy of your existing menu, circle the things you want to keep, cross through the things that you want to delete, and leave the rest up to us.
  We will research your restaurant, clientele, and competition then design a menu that reduces your specialized inventory, simplifies your cooking procedures, includes one or more signature dishes, provides excitement, and reduces waste.  Recipes, pictures of plated food, prep-lists, checklists and transforming a kitchen to a menu that doesn’t require a chef may also be included.  $2,500 and up.

Press Releases: 
We work with you to develop a press release and distribute it to at least 8
 local media outlets.  $250 

We can provide you a specific price on any of our services.
  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  A partial list of the services we provide are:  accounting, acquisitions, auditing, beverage controls, budgeting, business plans, customer feedback, employee benefits, equipment acquisition, exit strategies, financing, food cost analysis, franchising, hiring, inspections, inventory controls, labor cost, licensing, market research, operating procedures, policy manuals, POS systems, re-inventing, signature dishes, site selection, and vendor negotiations.  Prices vary.

Increase your average check size by 10-15% immediately by training your staff
properly. We have a 4 hour training program designed specifically for servers that teaches them to up-sell and provide excellent service. Program includes mock service with an overall rating done by their peers. Training can be done on-site or off-site.

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