Credit Card Processing: 
We submit your last month’s credit card processing detail statement to 3 different processing companies that partner with us.  Our average customer savings is 28%.  If we don’t save you at least $500 per year we pay you $50 cash! 

Embroidery Services:
This small, independent company provides the best customer service and great pricing for embroidered shirts and logo-wear. 

Employee Screening:
  Our partner provides a variety of testing components that allow you to test whether your potential employee is a thief, reliable, committed, and etc. 

Furniture Purchases:
We partner with a company which has been in business for 30 years and represents more than twenty different lines of commercial hospitality furniture, both indoor and outdoor.   

Insurance Services: 
Our partner represents 30+ companies that specialize in covering insurance risks for restaurants. Hard-to-place coverage such as for micro-breweries, valet parking, pay-as-you-go workman’s compensation, or night clubs will be found by this partner if the coverage is available. 

Lending Services:
Need financing?  Whether you need equipment leasing, credit card receivables financing, or a traditional bank loan we have partners that specialize working with restaurants. 

Security Services:
Our partner installs security systems that provide video feeds to the internet or smart phone apps.  Also available is remote monitoring of your security system for $29.99 per month.  No contract required. 

Social Media Services:
This company provides methodical updates to your social media sites and manages all aspects of your public perception via Facebook, Twitter, and etc. 

Website Design & Hosting:
Our local partner has been designing websites since 1994.  The DRC-negotiated package provides a 15 page website including Flash or similar feature, 20 e-mail accounts, 2 years of hosting, Craigslist-ready job ads, and 2 years of minor updates all for a set price of $1,250.  They will even design a sample front page for FREE.  Price includes designing a site from scratch or modifying an existing site. Additional pages may be added for a small charge. 

For additional information regarding these services, please contact us by clicking here.

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